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  • Meteorite Pendant

    Meteorite Pendant

    9mm 天铁紫色七星阵吊坠

  • Rhodolite



  • Amber Pendant

    Amber Pendant


  • Meteorite Ring

    Meteorite Ring


  • Rutilated Bracelet

    Rutilated Bracelet



  • Amethyst Geode Decoration

    Amethyst Geode Decoration

    The crystal columns in the Amethyst Cave are clustered, and the energy resonance of each other has a strong cohesive effect, which can condense the righteousness of the house and improve the feng shui. Putting the Amethyst Cave at home in the financial position can attract wealth and block evil. Amethyst develops intelligence, stabilizes emotions, improves intuition, helps thinking, concentrates, increases memory, enhances interpersonal relationships, and gives people courage and strength. Representing noble and steadfast love, it is often used as a love stone for couples. Amethyst also represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries, which can bestow deep love, chastity, honesty and courage in couples and couples.

  • Ammonite Fossil Fung Shui Decoration

    Ammonite Fossil Fung Shui Decoration

    Spotted snails can not only help improve the "Qi" of the human body, but also promote the activity of the human body's magnetic field, turn negative energy into positive, and bring you wealth and good luck. Spotted snails are fossils that have been bred for 70 million years. It can be said that they have absorbed the infinite spiritual energy of heaven and earth and gathered the essence of the infinite sun, moon and stars. Spotted snail has the magical effect of correcting and adjusting the positive and negative magnetic waves that have been out of balance in the human body and the environment, purifying negative energy, and changing the magnetic field. Among all things in the universe, the snail symbolizes the Tai Chi circle in the cosmic symbol, symbolizing auspiciousness and harmony, and is the cosmic code of nature. Therefore, the Fossil snail can be said to be a mascot for thousands of years with a lot of "snail" whirl signals. Wearing or decorating it helps to exert auspicious power.

  • Zhi Zai Qian Li Ma Decoration

    Zhi Zai Qian Li Ma Decoration

    This "Ambition for a Thousand Miles" horse ornament shows a vigorous and agile form, which predestines the pride of traveling a thousand miles.
    And a lofty ambition will not succumb, and a pursuit of grand ideals will not cease.

  • Ammonites Fosil (泥螺化石搭配木座) Decoration

    Ammonites Fosil (泥螺化石搭配木座) Decoration

    It can strengthen the aura of the human body, promote blood circulation and stabilize emotions, and has a significant effect on soothing the mind and relieving pressure.

  • Ksitigarbha Yellow Liu Li Decoration

    Ksitigarbha Yellow Liu Li Decoration

    Liuli is one of the "Seven Treasures" of Buddhism and the first of the "Five Famous Artifacts in China". Buddhism believes that Liuli is the incarnation of the realm of thousands of years of practice. In all the classics, "shape and spirit are like colored glass" is regarded as the highest state of Buddhist cultivation. In Buddhism, colored glaze is a spiritual object to cure diseases and ward off evil spirits. Placing or wearing colored glass can bring three blessings: healing, tenacity, and inspiration


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